Pacific Soda Blast Equipment

Pacific Soda Blast distributes the easiest, safest and most affordable paint removal solution available to auto restorers, car enthusiasts and body shops today.


SodaBlaster Systems

The Genuine SodaBlaster

Pacific Soda Blast distributes SodaBlast Systems blast generators. No job is too big for the naturally environmentally friendly SodaBlaster!

SodaBlasters can shoot a variety of eco friendly blast media, including our Specially Formulated Baking Soda, in order to eliminates toxins and hazardous chemical exposure to you and the environment.

Our standard units hold from 25 lbs. (1/2 bag) to 400 lbs. (8 bags) of SodaClean material and require air compressors from 7.5 H.P. to 100 H.P. to propel the blast media. Units can be manufactured to meet specific needs.

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The No-Clog Abrasive Blasting Machine

Sanstorm offers choices in popular sizes of pressure blasting and cleaning equipment filling designs, blast hose couplings, blast nozzles and holders to satisfy general or specialized work requirements.

Sanstorm machines are built with two filling style methods -- "closed top" having a manual fill cap and fitting funnel or "open top" having automatic "pop up" fill plug. Sanstorm machines embody the "No-Clog" principle of operation. In the Sanstorm machine, a venturi type abrasive "pick up" operation occurs with control - a "choke valve" is not required or used.

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