SodaBlaster Systems

Soda Blasting utilizes a variety of SodaBlaster units that are designed for portability. Our standard units hold from 25 lbs. (1/2 bag) to 400 lbs. (8 bags) of SodaClean material and require air compressors from 7.5 H.P. to 100 H.P. to propel the blast media.

SodaBlaster Models

SB-50 SB-100
Model SB-50LV
1/2 bag capacity
Model SB-100LV
1 bag capacity
SB-150 SB-200
Model SB-150
1 bag capacity
Model SB-200
2 bag capacity

The Blast Generator Is The Difference

Unlike conventional gravity fed equipment, SodaBlast Systems’ design differs in that it is non-plugging with constant abrasive discharge and positive abrasive control.

The cross-section view in this diagram reflects the principal operation.

The compressed air passes through the air inlet nozzle into the outlet pipe causing a venturi type action to draw the abrasive into the air stream (like sucking through a straw). This design does NOT require soda flow adjustment at the nozzle in contrast with bottom fed blast pots. This air/abrasive mixture is then forcibly discharged from the machine. The result is a constant & uniform abrasive discharge with non-plugging performance.

SodaBlast systems are Simple, Trouble-Free, Efficient and Economical, and Versatile.